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Love Through Action

No one should be judged by their mistakes. Second chances are more than new opportunities. With a helping hand, you can change lives for the better.


Angels Charge Ministry

Disparity, desperation, and the willingness to do good is what Pastor Nannie saw in many of the ladies she visited during her routine visits to the local jails and prisons. After observing many of these women completing their sentences and being released back into the environments they once came from, she realized that more needed to be done to battle drug relapses, return to criminal behavior, and more importantly Recidivism.

Pastor Nannie Jefferies established Angels Charge Ministry in 2014. The mission was simply to provide the necessary tools for a successful reentry into society. Angels Charge has successfully helped women, young and old, ever since its inception.

Angels Charge provides the crucial step of transitional housing for 12-18 months in order to help women change their life patterns.



A Safe Place to Rest

We currently have two residential homes and can house a total of 11 women at a time. Each house is furnished with a full kitchen, laundry room, living space, and dedicated rooms for each lady currently participating in our program. 

Based on our current growth and the needs of our community, we would like to add three more homes in the near future, but we need your help! If you would like to help us by donating a home, or financing a home, please click the link below for more details.

While living in our housing, women receive:

Our Team

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Nannie Jefferies

Founder & Executive Director


Regina Spurgeon

Case Manager


Lia Rice

Case Manager

Our Board Members

James Winfrey, Board Chair
Suzanne White, Vice Chairman
AF Rodgers, Treasurer
Theresa Bowles, Secretary
David Ackridge, Director
Beth Brice, Director
Jasmine Guest Saunders, Director
Naomi Sargeant, Director