Angels Charge Ministries

Harvest of Memories

During this season of thankfulness, we invite you to join us from the comfort of your home. We hope you will sit back, relax, and enjoy a short, inspirational video with some of our current and former residents.


Angels Charge has helped me get back with my family by showing my positive progress. I have been able to get a job, start a savings account, get back into church, and even find a way to step out of my shyness. Now I have my license, my own home, and a new car!


Angels Charge has helped me and my family in very significant ways. My relationship with my children and my family has improved and has gotten stronger. My children are so much happier with the new me. I love the new me and I love this program!


Our Hope & Prayer

…is that you will consider making a contribution today so that Angels Charge Ministry can continue to work with more women like Nicole who are coming out of incarceration. They need your help to find THE WAY OUT TO A NEW LIFE. We are THANKFUL for your support.

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