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Stories of Reentry

The road to reentry is not an easy one. It takes self-perseverance, humbleness, and a helping hand to find a way out to a new life. When there is a success story, we are sure to share it.


Employment & Education

ACM is dedicated to helping its women with employment while also encouraging higher learning. Take a look at this success story.

Audrey Colin

Audrey came to Angels Charge Ministry in June 2014. She was broken and felt that she had lost all hope. She lost everything in one
night, her children, her car and her home. As she sat in Spartanburg County Detention Center, she had no idea what to do next. While in the Detention Center she decided to get help with her addiction. She got that help from the Spartanburg Drug Court Program at the Forrester Center for Behavioral Health. Upon her release Audrey realized that she needed to be in a positive drug free environment in order for her to remain clean and sober, so she entered Angels Charge Ministry. 

After being in the Angels Charge Transition House for 9 months, Audrey successfully transitioned out into independent living. She regained custody of her children and married the love of her life. Audrey now works as a Certified Peer Support Specialist for the Criminal Justice Department at the Forrester Center. She serves as a liaison for the Drug Court Program and the Detention Center. Audrey has since enrolled in Spartanburg Community College and has completed 3 semesters majoring in Sociology. Audrey has been accepted to USC Upstate, where she is continuing her education. Audrey says, “I am so grateful for Angels Charge Ministry because they were the hands that caught me when I fell”.


Behavioral Health & Housing

ACM offers the women in our program the opportunity to receive the social skills, life skills, and mental health growth to continue to be
successful in their lives. Our spotlight is on Jillian Cook, a young woman that has overcome many obstacles, but she is determined to have a bright and fulfilling life. Jillian came into our ministry as a person that was broken, addictive, criminal history and did not know what her future held, however when the resources and support were shown and given to her, she blossomed. After much counseling and meetings and discussions, she is on track to a successful life.

Jillian Cook

Jillian started a minimum wage job in the fast-food industry, which is hard work and can be frustrating, however, she did not see it that way. Jillian had determination and saw a way out to a new life, which is what Angels Charge Ministry is all about. She went to her sessions, attended meetings and classes, worked daily putting in long hours with respect and understanding the responsibility of second chances and she succeeded.

After many months she successfully worked her way up through promotions and now is the manager of a new store that opened in Duncan. She is managing staff and has responsibility for running the daily operations of the restaurant. Her income has increased, and she has transitioned out of an Angels Charge house into her very own apartment.

Success looks good on her. She was in the transitional housing program for 18 months, and with support, caring and direction she is thriving.

Congratulations Jillian Cook!


Youth & Family 

Family is important and we here at ACM believe in helping our ladies reunite with the ones they love. 

Brandi Almond

Brandi is the proud Mom of Duncan. Duncan is a typical teenager that is full of life that has been with his great-grandmother since, Brandi’s incarceration. Family is so important, family offers love, support, guidance, teachers, motivators, and encouragement. Angels Charge helps women to understand their role as mothers. Communicating with, understanding, and listening to our children and youth is important in building healthy relationships, and that is one of our goals. We inspire our moms to build a healthy relationships with their children. We encourage our women to listen to their children, and they can learn a lot. Our children are eager most often to share if they know we are listening. We must be honest with our children by offering explanations, clarifying where necessary, and sometimes even apologizing when we as adults have made poor decisions.

Incarceration affects the entire family unit. When a parent is confined and separated from family, it becomes disjointed, because some is missing. Children love their parents even through abuse, neglect, and trauma. As we lift up the women of Angels Charge, we also lift up their families. We aspire to restore and reconcile children and youth to build unity and love in the
family. That is just what Brandi has done and is continuing to do with her son Duncan. Angels Charge provides parenting, anger management, decisions making skills, and life skills to our women.


Making Reentry Work

ACM fights for Reentry to eliminate Recidivism. To Fight Recidivism we must first understand what it is. So, what exactly does Recidivism mean and why is it so crucial to fight?

Group of Women Socialize Teamwork Happiness Concept


  1. the tendency of a convicted individual to re-offend.

We all come from different walks of life. Some may have had the opportunity to live in a stable home where success was encouraged. Some may have struggled to make ends meet. Regardless of the situation, we all have our struggles. Jails are full of individuals from many walks of life. Within those cells you will find individuals struggling with addiction, individuals that have been neglected, individuals that simply needed the guidance they never received. So when they have served their time, where do we send them? Unfortunately, many return to the same situations and environments that landed them in prison in the first place. When that happens, we call it, Recidivism. 

So what is ACM doing to fight Recidivism?

ACM is giving women that second, third, or even fourth chance to reenter society and become successful individuals. When our ladies enter our program, they are placed in a new environment surrounded by people that care about their future and well-being. We get them the assistance they desperately need whether that is drug addiction help, counseling, and more. These women take the time while in our program to reconnect with who they are in order to become the best of themselves. 

In order to continue our work, we need your help. Please donate today to help a woman in need. Recidivism does not only affect one person, it affects all of us. Together, we can help end repeat offenders. 


How Can you Help ACM?

ACM understands that without its wonderful and loyal donors, we would not be able to do what we do for our ladies on a daily basis.

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Help Change a Life

ACM is growing at a fast pace. With this growth comes more responsibility, a need for space, and a larger demand for supplies to continue helping our ladies succeed. With your help, ACM could continue to assist the women in finding a way out to a new life. Here are ways you can help today!


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YOU can help a woman to successfully reenter