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Tiphani's Story

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Tiphani was in prison for 18 months due to a drug charge. She had never been in trouble beforeso this was a difficult time for her. She didn’t know what to do when her time came close for release from prison. A friend of hers told her about Angels Charge Ministry. Tiphani filled out an application and sent it to Pastor Nannie Jefferies for approval. After several phone calls Tiphani was accepted into our program. She knew that she would be safe at Angels Charge Ministry. She has been with us for 9 months and she is so grateful to have both staff and friends in the program to help her change her life. She has a job and she gets to visit with her 4 sons. She is looking forward to the day when she is ready to graduate from our program, rent a home, and have her boys back with her. She knows that we will be beside her all of the way to help her accomplish these goals.