Angels Charge Ministries

Angels Charge Ministry

The Way Out

To A New Life


For He shall give his Angels Charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. In their hands they shall bear you up.

Our Mission

To provide women with hope and resources for a new way of life after incarceration.

We achieve our mission by providing transitional housing, case management, career opportunities and advocacy to facilitate a successful reentry into our community.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all incarcerated women in Spartanburg County through faith based development will realize their value and purpose to become independent, positive assets to our community so that they will not return to incarceration.

we Have a Philosophy

We believe that women have the potential and right to live satisfying, productive lives. Women who have been incarcerated are often defined solely by their criminal histories. We believe that women who have made poor choices should not forever be limited by their mistakes. By restoring Hope and lending Help, we believe change will come naturally.


Many women who have been incarcerated end up returning because they don't have hope for a better future and a new way of life.


One of the keys to preventing recidivism is helping women change their environment by giving them a safe place to live for 12-18 months.


These women need help and support to rebuild their lives by developing new skills and behaviors to help them change and become successful.


You can help women transform from incarceration to success

We invite you to join us as we welcome more women into our residential homes. Your gift will help to give them hope as they struggle to change their behaviors, obtain jobs, mend their family relationships, and experience a second chance at living a successful life. One of our residents, Brandi, recently said…

"Angels Charge has given me a home, all the resources to stay sober and truly is the reason I am getting closer to the life I want daily. I am so grateful because without Angels Charge, I do not think my nightmare would have transformed into the amazing miracle I am today.”

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